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    Polaris SL650 Throttle Cable Does Not Return HELP

    Hey guys,
    I am new here and have been scouring through all of the various threads to find an answer, but have been unable to do so up to this point, so here is my issue....

    I have a 1995 Polaris SL 650 PWC and it runs absolutely fantastic, have had no issues with it considering this is my first summer owning it.

    What I am having problems with now though is the throttle cable.

    Basically I can pull it with the throttle trigger, but it does not return. I have checked the 3 carbs under the air filter and can move them pretty easily by hand, was not sure if anyone had any ideas as to how to make them go back on their own to pull the cable back.

    Basically what happens now is when I start it up I go full speed all the time.

    Could I get some carb cleaner, could it just be gunk?

    Thanks guys,

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    Welcome Vic!
    Pull the cable off at the carbs, and open the throttle by hand and let go. Do the throttle plates snap back closed? If so, your cable may be binding and in need of replacement. Another possibility is if the handle grips have been replaced with some aftermarket ones. The throttle lever may be binding on them. I had to shave my new grip down to keep the lever from binding on it.

    If you find the cable is getting tight, you could try some graphite to loosen it up.

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    Ok I will give this a try later today. If when I do it by hand it does not snap back what would be the next step? I am only asking because when I was playing around with it yesterday it did not seem like the actual cable was binding.

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    sounds like you got bad return springs ??? seeing as how the plates don't snap back shut !!

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    How do I replace them? Should I try cleaning them with carb cleaner first?

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    Welcome to the Hul Vic.

    Spray the carbs down with carb cleaner.

    Then spray the outsides of the carbs with WD40 or something similar. (working the throttle back and forth)

    Also spray the throttle cable and throttle lever pivot points.

    Inspect the cable for any sharp bends in the sheathing.

    If you need another cable for it, I've got one for you for $10.

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    thank you my job for today is going to be to try the carb cleaner and wd40 to see if that helps. If not then it would have to be the cable or the springs I would guess.

    I'll let you guys know.

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