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    Stators, for the hundred-and-first time.....

    Hi, let me open with a ton of thanks for all the info I've picked up while lurking here over the past couple of years. There are some guys who definitely know their stuff here.

    Anyway, after losing spark on my 2000 SLH, I started reading ALL the info here on the problem, went through a couple dozen threads,etc.

    Everything seemed up to snuff. still no spark.

    After doing all the testing, I finally pulled the stator. Even out of the ski, it all specs out as it should.

    Is it possible for a stator to be bad while still meeting specs?

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    What about your CDI? You can't really test it and if it goes bad you will have spark problems.

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    Welcome to the hulk.

    What's the condition of the battery? Is it strong while cranking?

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    Yes it is possible for resistance checks to be within spec and still have a faulty stator. Personally I like to follow those checks up with a voltage checks, this however requires a DVA meter or Adaptor (this is different then your regular multimeter). As others suggested though CDI fail as well and unfortunatly are only diagnosed by eliminating everything else.

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    I was getting no spark on my SLXH 1050 so we did all the checks and everything seemed to be good so we then pulled the CDI off of my 1200 and it fired right up.

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    the later model twin cdi's are bad about laying down,wonder if somebody rebuilds them??

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