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    My MSX 110 is still messed up

    so i doubt any of yall remember me, but about a year ago, my MSX 110 stopped working....original thread here

    anyways, a week ago, me and some friends, after not wanting to sell it for less than what i owe, decided to take the motor out and have a look.

    we get the motor out, take the intake manifold off, and theres a peice of copper (?) about the size of a hald dollar lodged in the intake runner going into the motor (the runner closest to the back of the ski). if you take a look at the link above, i added a video of the ski running so you can hear it on page 3. have yall heard of this happening before?

    we can turn the crank and both pistons are still moving. still gonna take it apart and make sure any other metal didnt get in there and score up the walls.

    also, theres a TON of sand everywhere in this thing, especially in the turbo and intake. there was no air filter in the intake either.

    either way, do yall suggest anything before we take the thing apart and have a look? we are learning as we go and have online manuals, but experience means alot. so any pointers would help. if its bad, we may just look for another motor. maybe a 150 motor? please help me!! no polaris dealer will touch this thing.


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    Sorry for you

    I had the same event with the part of copper, it's a part of copper coming from the intercooler.

    3 valves out of order + intercooler ,chain link ,head gasket $$$$

    I'am reassembling the engine, but if i had knew before: the work it was i would have buy a new engine...

    You must open your engine to know the failure.

    It costs time and money.

    You might have to buy a MSX 110 engine or 150 with a 150 intercooler ( more reliable) and a MSX 150 Ecu.

    please contact 4stroke polaris he will help you!

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    thanks. there a msx 150 motor for sle now on ebay. how easy are they to swap over on the 110 hull? same mounting locations?

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    Exactly the same engine, only differences were a larger charge air cooler the addition of a blow off valve(and pipe work to suit) and ECU, the programming is different. You can turn a 110 into a 150 reasonably easy. The impeller should be upgraded as well to take advantage of the extra power.
    Deperado can upgrade your ECU for you

    If the damage is not to severe it may still be worth rebuilding.

    I made up a POD filter system for mine after finding sand all through mine! Given the amount mine must have ingested over time (previous owner) the wear was not so bad. Bore and pistons measured up but I did need to replace the top rings.oh and yes a valve grind.


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    ok,so ide need a 150 ecu, 150 injectors, 150 motor, 150 impeller, 150 charge piping, and a 150 intercooler.

    maybe ill just rebuild this one. are there rebuild kits available for this thing?

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    I haven't seen any "kits" available, mind you I am new to them as well. There are no oem oversizes listed, however wiseco does list oversizes up to 2.25mm over (will make you 750 a 795). However these cylinders are nicosile I beleive so would have to be replated after boring. Bearings and other parts still available from Polaris, but be prepared to refinance your house to pay for them.

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