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    Question Back Pressure What would happen if you did this

    Hello Chaps
    What would happen if you did this.
    I have a free flow fitted, rather than fitting back the Stock sound supression exhaust.
    Why not put a LARGE Jubilee clip round the free flow and tightern up a little at a time, You must surely get to the same pressure as the stock system

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    Try it and let us know. I've had the same thought.

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    would that defeat the purpose of the free flow???

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    Quote Originally Posted by r33pwrd
    would that defeat the purpose of the free flow???
    It may defeat the purpose of relieving back pressure and heat but the other problem with the stock ss is that water gets caught in all the twists and turns. We won't have to worry about that, which is a non-issue with the jetworks mod anyways. Also, I think the ff tube should be less prone to melting than the stock ss box.

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    what if you had a little mini d plate inside the ff tube ??? play with the opening to see what works best....or try this..a weak spring loaded d plate that is open at low rpm's and as gas velosity builds is blowes the door shut (d-plate) with only the opening regulating pressure.....or am i crazy......there are more ways to skin ths cat

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    Is right, there wont be as many bends in the system as in the ss
    makes sense to try it

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