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    Idle Adjustment on 02 Honda F12x

    I have looked all over and I can't find the idle adjustment screw for my Turbo F12x. Standing on the left side or port side of the craft, where would I find it and what does it look like. I have searched this forum and have found answers for other model years but I can't seem to locate the screw. Is it a screw or a knob? I also I have a F12 non turbo and is it the same? What RPM's do you suggest. It is idleing under 1000 rpms and runs rough.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Its in different places depending on year.

    Its a Knob some are White some are Black. On a 2002 F12x Its in the back under the sub air box.

    While setting on the ski Left side of the engine, Look to the rear of the engine by the turbo, over to the left side of the engine under the throttle bodies.

    You will need to remove the air cleaner to see it.


    PS Other years are up front of the engine left side

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    Idle Adustment

    I found it. Thanks for the help. It is hard to get to due to the turbo. My F12 non turbo was easy to find and they are both in the same spot, I just couldn't reach it so I thought it might be somewhere else on the engine.

    Thanks again

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