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    03 XP DI need help burnt down engine....again!

    Guys I have an 03 DP DI 951 with 40 hours on it that I bought from a guy in the spring. Right when I first got it started running bad and stalling out a lot, then would no longer run. Checked compression on front cylinder and it was 0. Had to have cylinders bored, new pistons, new crank put in it. Broke the jetski in for about two tanks of gas running it easy and adding oil to the gas as well. Sunday it shut off on me while riding. Checked the spark plugs and the front cylinder plug was mashed up pretty bad. Its coming back apart and will most likely need another piston and honing of the cylinder. Since this is DI what type of fuel issues can I be looking at whats wrong? From the searching I have done online it looks like it could be a fuel issue, and could be low fuel pressure, injector, pump, or filter. What do you guys think?

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    did you get the fuel pressure checked, its got to be fuel not air pump if its low on air it will run sort of rich, but dirty injector or bad fuel pump could do it

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    First of all, putting pre-mix in the gas tank on a DI is pointless. The fuel is burned as soon as it is injected into the head. It will not lube anything.

    Now, you may have a bad/clogged injector or you may have a bad TPS (I know they will cause it to eat front cylinders on a carbed engine though there may be other sypmtoms that should show up on a DI).

    The other possible issue is if the PO had messed with the timing. Too much advance will also waste the front cylinder.

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    Bummer, I have a lot of parts for that ski if you need any. I sold the motor and MPEM but still have the injectors (fuel and air) and fuel pump.

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