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    WTB 96 787 front cover ASAP!

    I'm a tard and I think I cracked mine. I am referring to the cover the oil pump mounts to. I need one, who has one available? Give me your price shipped to 48152. Thanks guys!

    Oh, please email me at, I probably won't be able to check the forum all day but I get email on my Blackberry.

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    Mike is it cracked away from where the oil pump bolts up? If it is not to bad get a flat piece of flat sheet metal at least a 1/4 in. thick. Lay your cover on it and drill a few holes around through the holes in the cover and bolt it too the sheet metal. Drill a small v in the crack and have it welded. Leave it bolted up until it cools off. Grind down the weld a little or not. Spray a little SeaDoo paint in a spray can on it. And save that money. You probably can have it fixed quicker than getting another cover.


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    i have some here, emaill sent. zig

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