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Thread: Need GPS Map CD

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    Need GPS Map CD

    Can someone burn a copy maybe?
    Or is there to much protection from the manufacturer?

    I picked up a Garmin Etrex Legend C.



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    The standard mapsource metroguide cd's don't have protection.

    Just about all the rest do (city select, blue charts etc..)

    I have a metroguide version 5 (I think) sitting around somewhere, I'll have to take a look for it after my flight home tonight.

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    I may have an old copy of the topo cd's also (3.0).

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    will that work on a 76CS? If so I would like to get a copy also


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    it will, but you won't be able to do any auto routing on the gps unit itself.

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    i would like a copy to i have a garmin etrex

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    there is a hole bunch of stuff on to down load for maps and stuff even blue chart and the unlock codes just go to programs and search blue chart or topo or what ever they have it all for free just takes for ever to download

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    I'm still trying to dig up the metroguide cd's, found one, and the other appears to be AWOL. I have a suspicion that I will find it in one of the kid's rooms. They have a tendancy to walk off with the pretty shiny stuff! lol

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