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    98' GP 1200 will not crank for more than a few seconds???

    Hi guys.

    I have a problem on a 1998 GP1200 that i am repairing for someone. It destroyed the PTO piston from a lean carb and has had to have a new engine. Everything is back together now, but when i went to start it, it would only crank for a couple of seconds and then all power disappears and it will not do anything. If i pull the main fuse out and put it back in again, it will crank again for another couple of seconds. If i do not pull the fuse, it will not do anything at all until i do.

    Poured some fuel in the carbs and primed the system and it will fire up and keep on running fine, but the moment i shut it off, it will not re-start untill i pull the fuse again.

    I suspect it thinks it is running as soon as it's cranked and disables the starter untill the power supply is re-set???

    Not sure if it's related, but the display does not work either.

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    Got it figured out finally.

    It was the Display. it had to be re-set with the blue single pin connector disconnected.

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