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Thread: 750 Piston Kits

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    750 Piston Kits

    What is the best piston choice for a strictly recreational rider? My 95 SL puked a motor. All I can find are Wiseco, WSM, or SBT pistons in complete kits. Price wise there is not a lot of difference maybe $50-60 bucks.

    I want a motor that will last, I have to admit I like FULL throttle, 99% of my riding is straight line 3/4 to full throttle runs. I'll run at that speed sometimes as far as 5-6 miles.

    I'm not good at warm up's from the looks of my mag piston. It is cold sieze galled.

    Please include links to purchase pistons in your reply's. I've heard Pro X and Vertex make great pistons, but I cant find I place to get them for a Polaris 750.

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    I like OEM..

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerdart View Post
    I like OEM..
    Is there a piston kit available from Polaris? If so hook me up with a source. Buying individual pistons, pins, clips, rings, wrist bearings piece by piece form Polaris makes the price INSANE for all three cyls.

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    i run wsm in my 750, they have been good for my riding style which is much like yours.

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    I like OEM also, but costs alot!!!!!

    Wiseco isn't a great rec piston, tend to have a few issues if not gapped properly, and are to the expensive side. Not to mention, doesn't include wrist pin bearings.

    SBT are pricey, and don't carry a good rep on this site.

    So that leaves WSM. Good price, includes everything you'll need, and have many mebers that have used them with great success.

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    Thanks All looks like WSM's will be my choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsl750&slt750 View Post
    Thanks All looks like WSM's will be my choice.
    Good choice. Check out the link in Xlint's post, JKwaterparts has the lowest price I've found.

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    Thanks Tony I just got a set. Price was great and they are more less local in Arizona.

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