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    What brand battery are you using?

    I've got a 2002 GTX 2 stroke. I've had the ski for 3 years and it finally needs a new battery. It has an "EverStart" in it.
    It is a "wet cell" battery and I think I'd like to go with a "gel-cell" or "AGM".
    Please share your experiences with these types of batteries.

    Thanks in advance!
    Rick T

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    I have a DEKA. We nicknamed the EVERSTART NEVERSTART at the shop. We replace a lot with Yausa and Interstate. My DEKA is an AGM. I use AGM batterys on my Sail Boat for house and starting batteries. Not cheep but they are 5 years old and never been touched. They can except a high rate of charge as long as you dont exceed 14 volts. But in a seadoo dont charge higher than 2 amps with the battery hooked up

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    Deka as well just had zero problems with them .

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    And the number is ETX16L, if you need to know that too.

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