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    saying hello and had a ?

    Hi there I'm new to the sport and just bought a 2004 polaris freedom for $3000 cdn .The guy I bought the ski from says the guy took the bilge motor out and he never put one in because he never needed it .So I am here asking If I do need one and how much they cost around ? Not much summer left and would like to drive it like that but if I need it bad I will fix it.I test drove it for 45 mins and it was fine but I was not really getting crazy with it.Well thanks for any info and glad to be here on this great site.

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    Welcome to the Hulk.

    A bilge pump IMO is a must you never know when something might happen and you take on water.

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    A bilge pump is not expensive, and it can save your day, not to mention your ski.

    When you need a bilge pump, you need it right now!

    Are the bilge hoses still in place?
    There should be a plastic elbow mounted up high, between the pump and the hull exit fitting.

    Only install a Rule brand bilge pump, as they are the only ones rated for continuous operation without water. This was also the stock pump type.

    The Polaris system runs the bilge pump whenever the engine is running.

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    Why would anyone take the bilge pump out?

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