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    is there any solution to the GIO issue?

    Hi guys, is there really any proven fix to the GIO issue for the 250x engine? also is the 260x engine has the same problem as well?

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    Angry GIO

    No there is not!!!

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    .... I'm wondering if a guy couldn't route the fuel blow by to the exhaust and let it burn off vs accumulating it in the catch can.... it would seem that the catch can is an epa thing, but routing such a minor fuel overflow to a hot exhaust would almost "flash burn" it, thereby hardly increasing an pollution output.

    Just a thought, not sure if it is practical or possible.


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    Quote Originally Posted by moyer313 View Post
    No there is not!!!
    As I stqated in another thread, Kawi has fixed my issue. Last winter they installed a kit that increased the temperature of the oil by restricting water flow into the oil cooler. I spoke with my tech yeaterday asking for the part numbers needed to do the kit. he told me that there is no part number, Kawi is deploying the kit on a skis in rental fleets (250x in a rental fleet) and has found it fixes the GIO issue. Personally, I had GIO really bad for two years and now don't have it any more. When the kit was installed, my cylinders and rings were also replaced so I can't say for sure that it was the kit. All I know is that my GIO is gone! Ask your dealer.

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    Livin: Just had the same procedure done to my 07. Kawi re-ringed the motor, cylinders were fine, and they added the flow restrictor. 10 hours of riding later my GIO is just as bad as ever. So I'd have to say even this fix is still a crapshoot.

    I added the hose loop out of the bottom of the catch can and trap quite a bit of pure gas each ride. That's as close to "fixed" as I'm gonna get, but glad it worked out for you.

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    Well i found the solution, but a drastic solution because Kawasaki said ther was no problem with GIO

    I return it to the dealer and i bought a STX15F

    Very satysfy, now

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    Only solution is to keep your Oil changed often . . . and never let it get too high on the Dipstick (or oil will find its way into the intercooler and slow the boat down). Once you have changed the Oil 10+ times you will actually get quite efficient at it (practice makes perfect). Compared to the fuel expense to run this boat, the Oil changes are very very cheap to do. IMO, the GIO forces one into good oil changing habits. Not such a bad thing; just one more thing on the "to do" list.

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    I used to have a major GIO problem, as I tried to follow the manual's oil change interval. When I added the loop to my catch can, I also changed the oil, and it REEKED of gas. I added a loop to my catch can and now change my oil every 10-20 hours. After the cost of the vacuum pump, all you have to pay is $20 bucks in oil (kawasaki brand) or $10 for castrol gtx from advance auto. Last time I filled up one tank of premium gas, it cost me $60 and that was for only two hours of riding. If I change my oil every 10 hours, I would have gone through $300 in gas. Compared to the price of the gas, changing the oil is nothing.

    Just today, I changed my oil after 10 hours and had absolutely no GIO. After every ride, I usually pull out about 2 ounces of black gas from the loop. The loop fix was the best thing ever for this ski.

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    how do you do the loop thing?

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