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    Need help with 2003 FX-12 turbos

    I own a pair of Honda FX-12 turbos along with three SeaDoo GTXs and one GSX Limited. We leave them in the water on Cumberland Lake next to our houseboat 4 to 5 months a year. They only have 81 and 82 hours on them.

    Problem One....The gel coat is all blistered up. Is this normal since we leave them in the water? Is it as simple as having them repainted? Am I better off having them gel coated?

    Problem Two....Since we leave them in the water all the time they are unlocked. We used to block them in next to the house boat in single file behind the Sea Doos which need their own key to start. We started noticing the fuel level going down every week. I then started noticing how crappy they were running. Finally I noticed some hull damage and started asking around. Well, come to find out one of the employees of the dock and his buddy were joy riding them. Witnesses thought it was just us coming down during the week. One family even stated they saw these jokers running them into each other and into the concrete pillars for the bridge right outside the marina. Well, I took them to the Honda dealer and had them serviced. The dealer found TONS of sand and crappy water filled gas which he thought smelled of diesel fuel and kerosene. One runs but only about 50mph the other won't run at all. New plugs, new filters, bottles and bottles of injector cleaner and still no go. Getting fuel, getting spark, getting air. Any ideas? And of course the cops and the dock won't do anything to help us soe we are having to take this to civil court. Just a huge PITA!!!!

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    WOW! I think I would program the security code in them. I would also have a private talk with the persons in question as long as you can prove they are the one doing such a thing. Take them to the local dealer and get them running right, might be fuel might not.

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    Dealer had them twice. The service manager said they replaced both fuel filters (in line and in tank) but I can only find one.

    That was my next do I set the security codes? We kept cash hidden in the owner's manuals incase we were out on lake and need to buy gas and could not get back to our marina. Jackasses stole the books, the fire extinquishers, the tools, the covers, the spare ropes, and even a pair of old Nikes I used for jumping shore.

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    You need to install a boat-lift for the PWC on the house boat since they are not supposed to stay in the water. You might need to replace the main relay on the one that won't start. I would also have your pumps serviced after sitting underwater for months. The gel coat blistering is due to water infiltrating it into the substrates. The reaction of the water and the substrates generates so much pressure that the gel coat explodes into little blisters. I would have put a cable and combo lock on them like I use when I stay at motels with my 'ski and boat.

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    Smile Lock system

    I will scan the instructions out of my manual at work tomorrow and post if for you. I just typed it for you and the system timed out and it got lost.
    Look for it tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dchildress View Post
    That was my next do I set the security codes? .
    We have that answered in the "How-To" section


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    How to program Honda Jet Ski electronic lock

    Click on attachment for pages out of the manual on how to program lock.
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    Honda Lock Electronic Lock System for F12 and F12X

    Click on the PDF File for full instructions and picture of the gauges.
    Sorry but the first posting didn't include the second page of instrucktions.
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