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    General Riding


    I've got a 95 ZXi900 that's in great shape, and runs strong. However, when I'm in the water, it won't stay down and "in" the water. Once up to about 20-25mph, it starts jumping out of the water. It'll jump out, land, jump, land, jump, land, etc..... It'll settle down when I lay off the throttle. But once back up to speed, it does it again.

    I understand this happening when hitting other wakes, or in choppy water. But on relatively calm water, this happens.

    Can this be rectified by trimming the nozzle downwards (I ask because my trim buttons don't seem to work for some reason)? Or is it something else?


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    Hey ZXI,

    Fixing that trim should do the trick.Mine does the same thing at 30-35 mph.
    I just adjust the trim or goose the gas to get it to flatten out.

    Good Luck

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    slight turns will help ease the porpoising as well

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