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    catch can has milky looking oil????

    recently my rxp had an exhaust hose clamp break (3 inch one) and the jetski took on water.......mechanic did a compression check (140 all three) and said no water in engine how come my homemade catch can has milky oil residue everytime i empty (ive emptied 3 times since clamp broke) rxp runs perfectly fine......also my catch can breather (the filter) never got wet to my knowledge but it might have.......not a 100 percent...any ideas.............i also checked my oil and its NOT milky............

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    The catch can will catch a lot of condensation and that's why it's milky looking. It's perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.

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    Speaking of catch cans, I emptied about 1 ounce of "stuff" into a small plastic cup from the catch can. After a few minutes the cup bottom had, imagine that "stuff" (gas/oil mixture) clogging up the intercooler over time.

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