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    Smile advent curves

    Does anyone have any idea of the performance differences between Advent curve 84 "basically stock" and curve 94 which requires compression and a carb mod? I. E what kind of change in RPM increase could be expected, Iím currently turning 6980 RPMís with a 14/22 prop.
    I currently have the following mods to the 66v engine.

    Novi 48ís 120 main 110 pilots
    140lbs compression Riva Pro head
    Rad charging
    R&D stuffers
    Stock reeds
    2005 Ho pump mod
    14/22 Dynafly


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    That sounds like too much for a 66V. Ported big bores don't turn much more than that. The 14/20 Dynafly is perfect for that application. Are you going bigbore? I never noticed a change in rpm's with the Advent. There may be some but not much. You need to get those R's up over 7100.

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    yeah, prop is too big for what you need.
    I ran the advent for slightly modded (stinger pipe) and ran 93 octane with 145#'s compression, .060 squish riva head, d plate, free flow, jetworks, 05 HO pump setup, 14/20 dynafly, rejetted carbs with riva flame arrestor, rad flywheel and some other shit and I was turning 7220 to 7250 rpms.

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    Yam 84 and 94 are both agressive timing curves. The big difference appears to be at the lower rpm range where the 94 curves are not as advanced.

    Yam 59 is a bit more conservative (mild stinger curve) where the timing is not as advanced in the lower rpm ranges

    Yam 83 is the stock curve

    Your prop is to tall. The advanced timing will not provide the power to get that impeller to the proper power band range. Go to the 14/20 pitch.
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