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Thread: gp1200 handling

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    gp1200 handling

    Well, I finally got my ride plate adjusted so that the ski hits 58 without porpoising. But I'm still seeing the "wobbling". like the ski wants to lay over on its side.

    Kind of undesirable at 58 mph riding superman, not a lot of leverage to fight it. damn thing rolled left, which hooked it right and I almost lost it.

    Is this normal? is there a cure, other than not going 58 superman?

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    Do you have the stock plastic trim tabs? Are your sponsons adjusted equally?

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    gp1200 handling

    Mine's a 98, no tabs, just the aft stepped hull. Sponsons are up at the bow, down at the stern.

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    aftermarket sponsons will help some, they tend to take a little deeper set in the water than the stock sponsons. Make sure both are set at the same height (I'm sure you have, just double check). Make sure your steering nozzle is set "straight" as well, at higher speeds, smaller inputs make big changes and if yours is not straight, when lying in the superman position any slight "tugs" on the bars make for some pretty drastic changes in the boats attitude.

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