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    Rotax Racing - How hard to install...

    I'm talked to Jerry a bit about this, but now that some other folks have done installs of the various Rotax Racing parts I'd like to hear your thoughts as well. How hard was it to install:

    Riva Power Filter
    Vortech SC Impeller
    Rotax Racing Intercooler
    Rotax Racing ECU

    How were the instructions? How long did the various mods take you? Thanks.

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    Better add the Rotax Racing SC Clutch to that list too.
    If your all the way into the SC for the impeller, replace the clutch too.

    I can answer #1 and #2 and #4

    #1. instructions are very good for the power filter. Hard parts are geting the fuel tank straps back on and installing the front mount bracket.
    If you have large hands its going to be very hard for you to install the front bracket to the engine. Very easy to drop a bolt. (did that)
    With luck, and knowing everying 1 hr, novice 3 hrs and skined nuckles.

    #2. Do this before putting in the power filter, it gets in the way. You need either the SEA-DOO tool for the bolt on the back of the SC or get a TORX wrench from Sears but you will have to grind it down a but to get it to fit. I think someone said a 1/4" wrench will fit. You also need the SEA-DOO SC shaft wrench to hold the shaft while you remove the nut.
    Funny thing in the instructions, they povide a new SC nut and it says its 14mm but mine was 15mm and I luckly had a narrow wall socket to fit.
    Takes about an 2 hrs if you have all the tools and power filter is not in way.

    #4. very simple, just unclick the 2 connectors (3 seconds) and remove the 4 T8 bolts and swap. Thats it
    total time if your engine cover is off is 5 minutes.

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    As long as you got all the right tools, you can do it. nothing is hard to do, just time consuming

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    I second the front bracket on the power filter, if you can get the bracket on everything else will be easy!

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