I have had my 2004 Sporster back about 6 weeks after a rebuild at the local Seadoo dealer and I had noticed oil on the top of the head of the engine (951 DI) and just assumed it was lube that they sprayed on the engine after putting it back in the boat. Well, after several times out the oil just stayed there so I started to get a little concerned. So, last night I wiped all the oil off the engine and we ran the boat today for about an hour and the oil was back. The oil looks pretty clean and has no gas smell to it. Like I said it is all on top of the head around the plugs, fuel rail and it is even on the gasket where it sticks out towards the rave valves. I called the dealer and talked to the mechanic that rebuilt the engine and he had no idea how oil cuold get that high up on the head, oh and he confirmed that he covers all engines with plenty of lube before they leave the shop. Any ideas where this oil could be coming from? Thanks