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    RXP wear ring question

    Hi everybody.New to this website but not new to PWC .I just bought a 04 RXP and my full throttle rpm's are 7700 and my friends run at 8050.I called Riva because I also have a 98 GP1200 with some mods and I bought some parts from them over the years. They told me it sounded like the wear ring.Is there any difference between the old and new factory wear ring.Has anyone experieced this before and did a new wear ring correct the problem?O yea the ski has 113 hours on it.Are the wear rings hard to install.I heard on this site that the old one will just slid in after putting the housing in the freezer to remove the original ring. Can you do this without taking the prop off ?

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    Thanks for the link boBo,

    I wil check into this. Is this something that should have been done under warranty?

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    Wear rings usually get worn when you suck stuff up - designed to give before damaging the prop or housing.

    Not a warranty issue as they will just say its your at fault for riding too shallow. Plus with 113 hours, if that is the original wear ring, you are doing great...

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