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    Thumbs up Ultra 150 Newb what to do

    I am probably asking a question that has been answered a thousand times but I am new to this forum and the Kawa Ultra 150. I am looking for mods for my 2 ultra 150s. I have put together that triple pipes, carb, reeds, heads, pump, etc are the mods, but I am wondering what is better and for what application. I am basically looking for powertrain recommendations and mods that really make a difference and don't push the skis to the edge from a maintainablilty perspective.

    I have been out to riva and skiworks and some of the other performance mod sites, but I am looking for "real" recommendations by some of you who have actually done these mods. What works and what is pointless? I don't need 80mph (although that would be cool), but I would like to rip a little faster.

    Any recommendations or links you guys can provide would be appricated.

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    Welcome to green hulk. You wont find much if anything on riva but skiworx however is the place to go for ultra parts. Did you do any reading on skiworx forum? A good setup level 1 can get you to 70. I wouldnt nessasarily recomend tripples unless you want to spend alot of time wrenching. You may want to start by reading the mods thread in my sig. I have tried them all Before you do anything you need to get a gps and a tach such as the tiny tach to get some baseline speed and rpm readings. You need to max out the hull and pump setup first.

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    Sweet, thanks for the quick response. I actually found your info right after I had posted and read quite a bit. I guess my question is after the hull and pump, what do I do next. And what goes in what combo. Reeds and carb, carb and head, head alone. What is the biggest bang for the buck?

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    this website will inform you on almost all mods people get. most people start out with a level one for it is the best deal.

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    so far i have done cut stock heads and aftermarket carbs and have seen good gains in the midrange. I am still tunning my carbs to get the best gain out of the top. However I am not looking for the best top speed since I am racing mine, I need bottom end and more mid range. I have a D3 pipe that is sitting in the basement that will go on this winter along with a new top end build. These are some fun boats to own mine is a 2001.

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