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Thread: The new one

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    The new one

    Allright everyone I finally did it and purchased a 2004 Mint and Literally new RXP with only 27 hours.....This ski is for my wife and I haven't spent much time on the Sea Doo side as I currently own Yamaha.My other ski is under the knife as I'm building a new motor for the GPR, so 1st things 1st.... I know I have to get the supercharger washers so I'll def. get those.Now the other questions I have concerning this boat is the sinking issue and the hollow valves that drop down and hurt the motor.What else do i need to do to prevent failures as well as I'm allready ready to mod this thing.......I want near or right at 80..........Any parts, ride plates, etc., etc, for sale let me know....thanks again guys and hope to hear from all of you....

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    i've got 170hrs on stock 04 valves with the riva valvetrain upgrade and ive been running stage 3 sc up to the 2rude with riva ecu (ecu is pretty much standard imo to go 80mph)

    with the new open loop plate and kit from riva im sure it wont take much to get that thing to 80mph esp since you can put the thermostat money towards the Open loop instead

    my recommendations would be.

    Riva ECU
    50lb injectors
    OEM X Model Charger
    Riva Gen II IC Kit
    Riva Open loop
    Riva Ride plate
    RE Engineering Blockoffs
    Riva thru hull or Complete Waterbox replacement
    15/19 3 blade or 15/20 3 blade should be good for 80mph on stock 83mm nozzle imo

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