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    Angry Somethings wrong with my machine, help, please read!!!

    Ok i bought an 06 RXP about a month ago , and about my 3rd ride it made this weird feeling as if something got caught in the impellar, cause it wouldnt let me get on the throttle , and when i did try and give it some gas it would like vibrate my machine and almost felt as if something like a rope was jammed up in the impellar. So i shut it off turned it back on and it was fine so i thought hey its fine. Well last week it did it again while i was idling and it wouldnt let me go not even enough to get up on plane. So i hopped in the water checked for sea weed or anything , but nothing, fired it back up still did it. So i start to go and its making the same grinding/vibrating feeling then all of a sudden it cleared up and was fine . So i didnt really think anything of it cause i never had this kind of problem before well i put my stg 1 on today, took it out for a ride today and man was it sweet , but then i was cruising at 35mph and just like someone hit a switch, the machine started to vibrate and i had to back off the throttle it wouldnt let me go any faster than 10mph and if i tryed it would rattle the whole machine and it felt as if was coming from somewhere in the back , but heres the thing, it was idling fine but a bit rough and boost seemed ok, so i tryed to get up on plane and i did but it didnt sound or feel to good for the machine but i had to get it home so while im driving, it all of sudden goes away but now if i go over 55mph it starts to vibrate bad and wants to do the same thing. Sorry for how long this was but does anybody have clue what this is, i am so pissed i only have 25hrs on this thing, and about half hr with the full stg 1 and this happened before i put the kit on today. , i checked all hoses, exhaust, and for somereason there seems to be a bit of oil coming out of the BOV hose now!, cause i checked my dip stick and the oil is a bit low! and i just changed the plugs.

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    It doesn't sound like its anything with your mods, or the actual performance of the machine. It really sound like something is caught in the impeller....or people have said they have had broken motor mounts, but from what I've read they didn't experience anything like that.

    Check the wear ring...

    Where do you ride? Lake, river,

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    I agree, it sounds like you have something stuck in the intake; impellor area. But you did say you installed a stage 1 so that means you put on an impellor and that area should be clear. Is there any obstruction on the shaft?

    I sucked up and grinded up a crab today. I had no idea what was happening, I came down after jumping a wake and bog; vibration; ski would barely move. I experienced a peice of wood stuck in my impellor before so I shut it off imediately after it happened. Luckily it was only a crab and most of it just floated away after I swam in the water flipping my SJ around to see if anything was stuck.

    But from what you are experiencing it seems to be repeatative.
    Maybe something in the intermediate housing, shaft, impellor cone, prop, wear ring, venturi fins, exit nozzle. Check it all and just when you think you checked everything there is too check take a step back and look at it again.

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    ya i just had the new wear ring and impellar put in today i drove it for like a half hour with the full kit on , cause i put the intake and exhaust on, on the weekend and had the BOV and impellar done today!! , but no there nothing in the pump or anything already wished it was that easy!! man i hope its not serious!

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    Hey NE,is there alot of black dust around the boot by the carbon seal.My 04 rxp is doing the same and will not let me out of the hole and it will just stop and be fine,but it only does it when I go to jump out the hole.

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    Mine did that when it ate the charger clutch. I thought I threw a rod the first time it happenned.

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    Man this sucks im having it looked at it today, this sucks!

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    At first I thought chunk in impellor then I thought wear ring. Now I hope it's something simple.

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    maybe t.o.p.s. malfunction?

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    This may sound silly...but pull the pump back off and and torque it on evenly. I had this problem once. And when I pulled the last bolt off the pump it shot out at me. Put the pump back on carefully and tightened everything up evenly. Never had that problem since.


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