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    Lake Ontario GH Ride

    Hey i was thinking we should do run if we get around 5+ people.

    I was thinking launching at bluffers park and then ride up to center island, grab some snacks or something. What do you guys think?

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    It is only about 12Km from Bluffer's to the Toronto Islands. Done that trip a few times, water was rather rough 2 weekends ago...

    Would be happy to do it again

    Do you know where it is permissible to dock or beach a PWC around the islands?

    That area is part of the Toronto Port Authority zone, so PWC riders and power boat operators are supposed to have the Port Authority Power Vessel Operator's permit (Harbour license).

    I have my card, but it is a bother to get it the first time.

    Despite what the web site says, a PWC operator can take the standard test using their outboard powered dingy. Presuming you pass the test, you are then OK to operate any power vessel, including a PWC.

    If you take the test using your own PWC, then you are not permitted to operate other types of power boats! Dumb system, if you ask me.

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    When are you thinking of a ride? Im waiting for my passport toget in then im heading to the states to buy a ski witch should be no later then the end of this month. So any saturday in Sept im down

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    august 22/23 i'm free

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