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    How often do you guys rebuild pumps?

    Specifically for the 4-Tec grease filled pumps how often do you open them up and check the grease load and replace the bearings and seals?

    I bought an 2002 GTX that was given a clean bill of health by the dealer, 100% fresh water ski and after about 8-10 hours bearing exploded.

    I had planned on doing this ski over the winter, but Friday seems like a good day to do it

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    Every year at the end of season, the pump cone needs to be pulled and the grease inspected for water intrusion. I also given the bearing a feel for play. Last year I also puchased the pressure test cone from seadoo to pressure test the front seals. This is the best way to ensure that the two front seals are still in good shape.

    If all pressure tests/inspects as good - no need to go any further. I am not aware of any proactive replacement (seal/bearing) guidance from seadoo. They seem to last a long time as long as you can keep the water out of them.

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    the problem with grease is that eventually it works it's way out of the bearing. once a year when the pump is inspected, working the grease back into the bearing with your finger is a good thing!

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