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    need help 750 polaris sl 95

    i started it up yesterday and a wire that runs underneathe the battery box to the front. shorted out and burned up, can anybody get me a wiring diagram for my ski or does anybody know what it is. Feel free to ask me questions i have no idea what im doing. HELP ME plz

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    I'm sorry I'm not familiar with the fuji engines.
    What color is the wire ? Or what's left of it.

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    Is your battery missing the plastic cover that protects the battery from shorting to the metal case of the electrical box?

    Sounds like you burned the black wire in the cable bundle that runs to the magneto stator inside the flywheel housing.

    Another member seems to be dealing with a similar problem in this thread

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    Is this what you wanted?

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    omg yes thankyou, im computer dumb or something cuz i couldnt find one

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