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    97 wave venture 1100 keeps blowing pistons

    I have a 97 wave venture 1100 that keeps blowing pistons. I replaced 1 piston last summer, had it out for about an hour and blew another top side of a piston out.I have heard it can be caused by an air leak from any of the gaskets. I ordered new crank seal/ drive shaft gaskets because I hear they are notorious for going out. I also noticed some of my water lines were clogged. Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

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    We are gonna need Alot more info on your motor, to beable to help you out with a diagnosis.

    Begin with how many hours, stock or modded compression, premix or still using injection, and Everything else in Detail, including Maintanence, Repairs or performance mods performed. Sounds like you ski may have suffered from neglect also....

    Let us know....?

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    It has 150 hours on it, everything is stock, minus the new piston I had to put in last year, which is only .25 over sized. It is still oil injected. I bought it off my friends dad who would only ride it maybe once a month. One of my friends took it out and ran through some sand but it still was spraying water out the back, so i thought it still had good water circulation, when we took the engine apart last year there was sand all around the water jackets that enclose the cylinders. could this be a over heating problem, cause i was going through all my hoses and some were clogged.

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    pics of the piston would help too. There are several different ways to blow up a engine and each may be from something different. for example a hole burnt through the center typically indicates a lean mixture, ie fuel problem ,gasket leak etc.. a piston that has broken at the ring lands could be from detonation or not chamferring the cylinder after a bore etc.
    clogged water lines can cause detonation from the engine overheating. how was it running before it blew up?

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    It was running fine before it blew up. I could get it up to about 65 mph then after taking it out a lot 2 summers ago, it would start to bog down every time i would throttle it up, so I would have to feather the gas to get it to speed up. This could be caused by the 3rd piston going out because I believe the 3rd piston is what creates the vacuum to pull gas into the carbs. Both times the pistons blew, there is damage to the top of the piston, but the greater of the damage is on the side of the piston, eating away at the rings. ill try and get a pic of it up here when I find my camera. Also do you know if the coupler on the end of the crank(that connects the drive shaft) is it reverse threaded?

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