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Thread: RAD contact

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    RAD contact

    Does anyone know how to get a hold of RAD? I called their number 562-596-4109 and sent them e-mail and have had no response,left messages on machine also(when the mailbox wasnt full), for 2 weeks. I need to get the ring gear spot welded on my Chargemaster flywheel and have it rebalanced. I dont want to just send it off with a piece of paper in the box without talking to someone ther first. Anyone know of an easier way to contact them?

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    Good luck,I sent him a flywheel to replace the magnet,on the phone he said approx 1 week,I finally got it back 3 months later,he dosent ever answer the phone & he damn sure dont return emails.

    I hope your not in a hurry.

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    Check with George Grabowski. I had him lighten and balance a flywheel after trying to contact RAD about a dozen times. I did get a hold of him once and he told me not to even call him for another two weeks.

    I got a hold of George after that. Good price and a good job with good turnaround.

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    Last I heard, RAD is done. Shut down.

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