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    15f dieing problem

    2006 15f dies when your crusing along and the pump comes unhooked and motor maxs out. Will start back up and run fine. Its when its in the water and you jump a wave and the pump comes unhooked and free spins that it dies.

    It will not die if you start it on the trailer and rev it.

    Is this a common issue or maybe time for an update from Kawi?

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    Great Scott! It could be the flux capacitor

    sorry couldn't resist with your name and all

    I have never had that issue, do you let off the throttle as quickly as you can or do you hold it wide open the whole time? Does it die immediately before you can even let off? Hopefully someone can diagnose it for you.

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    possibly loose battery cables? or something electrical it sounds like to me. try wiggling the wires under the glove box while it is running on the trailer. Be careful of moving parts and wear gloves so you dont get shocked!

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    The 15f is one of few fuel injected skis that has a idle adjustment, mine did it a few times, I adjusted the idle a little bit, doesnt do it any more.......look at the linkage by the throttle body..........

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