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    vf3 or boys reeds

    I had boyeson reeds with r&d stuffers and turned 7190 warmed up in summer heat with it..decided to get some vf3s (leo) fattened up cyl3 a tad but other than that just took those out and put these in. fully warmed turned 7215 85 deg out and like 75% humidity so its kinda mucky and i didnt mess with the highs so i may be able to turn a few more r's out of it with tuning but i didnt have the time today....the just cruising along and whack it acceleration is better for sure..not huge but noticable other than that it felt almost the i had a gain for sure, just not what i really expected

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    You need to test both sets of reed setups in the same weather conditions to get a more accurate reading. With your current weather compared to cool weather, you might be bending another prop.

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    Yes i agree that a back to back is the BEST way for sure...mine turned 7190 alll last summer and the begining of this summer so thats what i based it off of...i kept it realistic by using that number bc itll turn 7300 in the cool weather with the old combo...and i am expecting an 05 pump from carl this week and he said with that impellor itll pull some rpms away so hopefully it likes it.

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