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    GTX 4-Tec - ugly problem engine to pump or pump to engine

    Both machines have been running great. Today launched one and we had problems from the start. Seemed like the shaft is slipping in the impleller or cavation. It settled down and we took them out but did not have full power, nearly sunk as it took on a bunch of water. Drained it. tested it and no problem at idle, rev'ed and the motor shifted forward what seemed like an inch opened the seal at the floating ring and lots of water.

    When flushing it, lots of melted/shreaded black plastic came out.

    I can not see anything wrong with any of the three mounts, making me suspect something in the pump is pushing the shaft and engine forward. I will pull the pump tomorrow and expect to find a mess. How can you tell if a mount is broke?

    Any thoughts?

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    Aqua Guy called it

    Massive failure of the main pump bearing (biggest ball bearing in there is 1/2 a sphere) allowed the impleller to come forward, push the carbon/floating ring seal open => and the shaft (engine moving forward).

    Here's hoping that a rebuild kit and a wear ring fixes it. Wife (love of my life) is going to the real house where my tools are and will bring them home tonight.

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    thats what i was thinkin, only way a shaft is moving forward is if pump went BLAM.

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    New Problem

    The inner race is onto the shaft pretty good, but I have a spare so have not even messed with it. The outer race is rusted and jamed in the pump housing. I brought it to a local gas station who put in on the press with the seadoo bearing press but it did not budge, they claimed they took it to the point that the press plates where flexing.

    I have sprayed it with PB Blaster, any thoughts? Heat?

    Or is this pump housing a gonner?

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    what yr is the ski, is it a plastic housing or aluminum??
    honestly, you can buy aluminum housings on here frequently, ready to bold on, sometimes with impellers, sometimes even with nozzles and reverse hardware, for 250-350 bux.
    almost not worth rebuilding yours, especially if its corroded internally/destroyed.

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    it is a 2002 GTX 4-Tec

    anyone have one for sale?

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