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    Cool What waverunner is recommended -starting my research

    I currently have a 98 GP800 and have done some slight modifications to the hull to reduce the porpoising of the GP. I added Protec fixed trim tabs and shimmed the rear bolts on a R&D Pro Series plate and I love the machine. I am looking to buy another and keep the GP as a second. I simply cruise and tour. I want reliability and fuel efficiency. I've bee looking at the VX110 but I want to purchase a comfortable reliable machine. Any suggestions to help me start my search would be great.


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    The VX series are all nice. Each style from the sport to the Cruiser and all in between are great ski's for touring and cruising.
    See below

    Sport and deluxe share same type flat seat with a slight lift between sections. This allows for a good bit of rider / passenger movement.

    The cruiser is more comfortable on long rides, With the exception you can't move around as easily if at all. Very defined seating positions.

    Engine wise, Solid as rock... Newer models are much improved over the 05
    models... Not the fastest ski, but great on gas as long as you stay out the extreme upper revs.


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    Not knowing where you live or the kind of riding you will be doing I will tell you that I am having a ball with the GPR conversion and the FX. One for the flat water and one to ride offshore.

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    I recommend not taking recommendations from SHLOdude.

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    Cruising... touring... fuel economy... sounds like VX territory to me.

    Or if you're an adrenaline junkie, the FX SHO is great for long rides, not so great on fuel (but can be if you stay out of boost) and best of all... it has a cupholder!

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    the newer VX 06 and up like powder keg said good solid ski and should be very low maintenance but if you need a little more power the FX would be a step up, so good luck with your purchase

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    Can't go wrong with the FX HO if all out speed isn't your thing, great hull for cruising and great mpg's.

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    If you do end up picking up a VX, your love for the GP800 will be lost. Depending on the riding conditions....the VX will put a smile on your face. The 4-stroke is so smooth and quiet, tons of usable torque, while sipping on fuel. It's very flickable and lightwieght in ocean surf and a great smooth cruiser on flat waterways.

    I have owned my deluxe VX new since 05' and have had a couple recalls done(not sure if they were totally nescessary)...but I have taken my VX through very rough conditons and many long unrelenting miles through those conditions. 150 hours and to date not one problem...just do the scheduled matinance, wash, dry and put away.

    If you can buy new, do it, it just seems to many problems buying second hand. It could be just me, but when I buy my watercraft new, I take more pride in being the first owner and try to keep it well matained. When I'm at the beach people always comment "brand new machine?" and when I say no and tell them it's over 4 years old they can't believe it.

    The FXHO is nice and a more capable ocean cruiser but it has a heavier feel. Plus the look of the older FX style looks kinda wierd from the front(cheese looking mirrors). The 09' FXHO is sporty looking(like the SHO) but over priced for what it is. At that price point you probably just go for the SHO.

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    Have you look at the FZR??

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    If I had to purchase another ski besides the VX deluxe it probably would be either the FZR or FZS the later of which is a very nice, reliable and fast ski.


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