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    GTX Millenium Edition (2000)

    Any ideas why a stock 3 seater gtx millenium has a holeshot as good as my stock rxp? Idle-20/25 was dead even, the gtx might even have been ahead. Is trimming all the way down best for the holeshot? I think i had trimmed 2 or 3 up from the bottom

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    Dont know about the GTX but I know my RXT with 2 people on (me and my dad) can beat an RXP at holeshot and up to about 40, mayby further but thts when I let off on this occasion (RXP stock - RXT has a RIVA intake grate)

    When we drag race down the beach the RXP virtually always gets left behind by RXTs - at holeshot I think the T's can put the power down more effectively, then it comes down to the chop in my riding conditions

    (This is all pretty much stock - Ive never seen a modded P or T on the water here)

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    The millenium edition was at one time the fastest ski built .. its a respectable ski

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    whoooo.....the GTX ME with the 951 maybe, but my GTX ME RFI(787) is no hole shot monster, but it doesn't break all the time either...hahaha


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    How much does your ski bounce out of the whole? I notice that the RXP's bounce, or porpoise sometimes, or I should say much easier than a GTX/RXT hull. Perhapse that firrst pop out of the water does it. But then again I dont see the point of racing unless your going to race to top speed, which, I hope you spanked him.

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