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    Nov 2007
    New York

    Seadoo + Seaweed = Bad Time

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    Jul 2009
    Stonington, CT
    Been there, done that...

    - 20lbs of eel grass - got to love it...

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    Jul 2008
    Madison, CT
    Should've left it in there... Would make a great street sweeper!

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    Aug 2008
    Hampton Va.
    i did the samething -- had to replace the waterbox -- heat sensor -- and the rubber boot from the waterbox to the exhaust tube

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    The kawi saved the day lol . Roger make sure you water test the ski before the 22nd. Pete I gave the vid to roget to post up I could only make it onto dvd so I gave it to him to upload.

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    Call me crazy, but I would've thought you would've notice the slight drop in power.

    EDIT-On second thought, you probably wouldn't be able to physically pull that out while you're in the water.

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    That's a lotta weed! You ride with Tommy Chong? I've sucked up some weed in my day but that's the most I've seen except what's in the ocean!

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    stupid question, but why didnt you jsut jump in the water and reach under and pull it out???
    you can reach up btw the grate bars and get 95%of it out.
    you can also reach inside the steering nozzle,and into teh reduction nozzle, from teh back and get more bits out.
    no reason to ride it with that much crap in it???
    were you afraid of getting wet??
    another trick is to tie a second ski, nozzle to nozzle, use the rear tie down eyes or the towing hook, , start the second ski, and use its jet of water to blast up the A$$ of the clogged up ski
    seriously the water jet if aimed right will wash anything out of the clogged up ski intake,
    done it several times. but its easier to just reach up in ther most of the time.

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    RXT With a Hula Skirt I like it LOL

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    this just happened to me yesterday, but only half what you have in yours.

    i was able to feel it almost right away, new somthing was wrong, so once i got to shallow water, i just got out and reached under and pulled most of it out, then i was good to go. didnt have to take it out of the water.

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