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    I hate when this happens to me

    Jumping sturgeon whacks jet-skier

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    Dude that's the river I do 90% of my riding on and that is my biggest fear...

    Those things are huge and hard as a rock with this prehistoric dinosaur looking scaling/armor all over them...

    It seems that when you have a group of PWC's going through is when they're most likely to jump (maybe something about the acoustics of the skis underwater)...I've had a few close calls but so far been lucky...

    Yeah just're cruising along at 60-70ish and without warning a 100+lb. projectile comes flying out of the water right at you...Game over...

    a lady we ride with got hit by one a few years back on her RX...It destroyed the entire steering assembly and banged her up pretty good. I think she ended up having 5-6 surgeries to make her wrist right again...

    The hell with alligators...

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    He had to be airlifted out of there! Wild stuff.

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    I wonder if doing a gutted waterbox and thru hull will just make them scatter instead of being scared. Probably hear you from farther away.
    I think if I was riding out there I'd have my head ducked behind the steering or mod a acrylic wind deflector shield. He would have been dead if it wasn't for his wife.
    Good thing gars and bass don't get spooked...

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    I would find a different place to ride...

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    dynomite, black tape and bricks work good.

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