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    Extended warrenty

    Looking for some info on the warrenty, my one year is up very soon does anyone know do they send you something in the mail to extended it or do you have to call or what is the procedure here?? Also do you guys know how much it is and is it worth it in your opinion??


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    I'm going to tell you my opinion... Take it as you want. Seadoo is not good (again in my opinion) in covering what they say they would cover under warranty. I had some issues on my GTI and they kept saying it was a user (being ME) problem. Meaning I messed it up.

    Believe me I did no such thing. Anyway I guess it doesn't hurt to have it but I wouldn't extend it. From what I'm told it's a bit pricey anyway. I have my warranty till May of 2011 I think on my px. The GTI's is done.

    Sorry don't think I really answered you.

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