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Thread: Honda VS Seadoo

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    Honda VS Seadoo

    Pros and cons guys... speak up of what you know. After I fix my craft i am considering making the switch and playing with a cheap turbo instead of an expensive super charger. Help me make the right move.

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    Put steel washers in place of the ceramics when you put it back together and your worries are over.

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    can someone kindly give some links to honda performance part websites or somewhere I can look to research the craft??

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    First of all, turbos are not cheap.

    secondly, the honda is not going to out perform the rxp/t........if you have smooth water, you're good, if you have anything over 1-2 feet of chop, it's gonna be a hard ride.\

    I love the honda because it's fast enough for me, and can still jump waves and get HUGE amounts of air.

    If you are looking for an rxt/rxp ride where you can just blast through waves at top speed, this ski is not for you

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    Jeff, first of all, you must have misunderstood what I was saying. I did not mean directly that turbos were cheap, when I said cheap turbo I meant the complete honda craft, parts, maintenace as compared to expensive super charger meaning my now 15000+ on parts and maintenance alone for my 13 month old rxp and I'm not even stage 2. I know that this does not happen to everyone and I've just had a bad experience with seadoo but it has been bad enough for me to consider swapping. I guess it is partly my fault however because of my riding conditions which is mostly just open ocean and coming unhooked and over reving my engine is the norm. Which leads me to my second point, I doubt that many members on this board have actually ONLY ever ridden in chop because here, in the Cayman Islands, thats all you get the majority of the time and I have never been able to hold the throttle down and just fly through the waves on my rxp, it just does not happen. I'm a pretty solid build and I can ride it's just that the rxp hull beats the water instead of cutting through it. Hence, if you are saying that the honda hull will give me an even worse riding experience in chop that the rxp does then I guess you have just convinced me to not bother with it.

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    buy a RXT put your parts on it and sell the RXP

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    Choppy waters???? Get the Big Bear! RXT all the way....Hondas are super reliable and great machines, dont get me wrong, but not made for chop or to be the fastest one.

    I have beat so many Hondas on my RXT it ridiculous, funny thing is they look at me like damn that couch beat me!

    On chop, get the skegs and sponsons and you will forever love it. You might not hit 80+mph on it but a few years maybe...

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    Bottom Line The Honda is not a rough water boat. The boat gives a wet ride and its slow. Given its reliable. But it can't play with the RXT. My advise. If its rough water out there. Better sit at the dock and try to look good with your AquaTrax. Because that is all its good for.

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    If you want to "drown" from bow splash, buy the Honda F12-X!! (note: the 2 passenger Honda R12-X is a much dryer riding hull)


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    the Hondas suck.... Jeff owns one and he wants to rent my RXT from me for the weekend, enuff said they are slow, and they can't take on the rough for chit.

    BUT, they can handle pretty well and are very nimble, and on dead calm water the turbo is pretty fun in the midrange. if i was a lake and river ride i would take a closer look at them. i've ridden both the F and R (2 and 3 seater machines) and they are not of my liking in my water conditions. I do prefer the F12-x 3 seater tho over the 2-seater by far.

    i'd get a kawi 15F myself if i didn't own a Seadoo

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