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    Polaris freedom carb and filter questions

    I have a couple 2002 Freedom 700's. I am going to rebuild the carbs on them since I am sure it has never been done, let alone cleaned. I was wondering how to tell what carb I have. It says keihin on the side but im just not sure of the size. and where is the best place to get the rebuild kits? And what is a good brand of flame arrestor to use on this machine, and where is the best place to get them? Thanks in advance.

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    The service manual calls it a Keihin LE, 40mm,it looks like a CDK 2,with an aditional jet ,4 total.

    John Zigler uses OEM Keihin rebuild kits and should also be able to recommend a flame arrester.Contact him at his shop.You should be able to find one of his threads in the classifieds

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    Click the link below, and follow them until you find the list of Polaris Parts sources. John Zigler is in the list

    I am not highly familiar with the Freedom engine, but on most Polaris models the stock flame arrestor is actually fairly good in terms of air flow.

    The two cylinder Polaris 'domestic' engine is considered one of the better PWC engines around, especially in terms of reliability and fuel economy.

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