I dragged the GTX-rfi out of the back of the lot this weekend to finally see what was up with it. Last time it was out (last fall) it tossed a MAINT message and didn't run over 4k.

With handheld programmer at the ready, I read the error codes and fixed the connection to the Air Pressure sensor ( dam that was easy too). Engine starts, no maint indicating, revs right up to 7000 in the tank..looking good. I want to run it for at least an hour in there before I venture out on the lake with it. It stranded me twice last year, not looking for a repeat paddle-a-thon

All good..or so I thought..seems to be some issue with the rave vave solenoid not getting 12 v and the raves are acting weird.

When first started..all's normal, but after a warm up, no revs over 4200. Then it stalls..and won't restart

I figure the TPS might be in need of resetting, since the locknut was missing and a gaggle of mechancis have seemed to have worked on this ski at one time or another.

OK, go to set the tps and with everything backed off, it's reading 3.9 degrees, I think it should be zero, do I pull the tps off, clean the contacts and get it back in place..OK..now it's at zero..set the tps. dial in the idle speed screw the suggested number of turns for basic idle adjustment

now the engine will not start or make any noises like it wants to start..even with a little squirt of premix.

Was the flywheel off the entire time?..has it now slipped past the point of running?

I have to pull the jugs anywhay..the cyinder base gasket is leaking some water ( no evidence of engine leaking

I drained all the fuel ( albeit it was kinda old, but before I started mucking around with the mpem programmer, the ski started right up) and got a couple of fresh gallons in there

new rave check valve in there and the lines are all tight.


correct assumption I should have 12v at the rave soleniod? ( only getting about
the TPS seems to move smoothly thru the numeric range when i use realtime monitoring from the handheld

not even a backfire from the engine when I switch the plug wires around. Of course, no error codes in teh mpem now...

Now I've been wrong many a time, but methinks the flywheel key has been sheared off. Checking the timing on the rfi seems to require the engine be running

Will it be next season before this ski finally gets a workout?

programmer has version 3.4D..seems like the latest from what I've been told.