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    Talking breaking in a new engine got issues.....

    Hello all!
    I'm a newbie to two-strokes, I am having some issues with a new engine, just want to be sure before I pull the alarm on this rebuild. Here is what I am experiencing with my engine: I recently had a 718 engine rebuilt by a reputable shop, got all the way through the break-in procedure, then halfway through the second tank of gas, the stator gets eaten by the flywheel magnet coming apart....okay, sent engine back to get repaired, only I get another freshly rebuilt engine, so back to the break-in routine.... I am following SBT's break-in procedure,(this is not an SBT engine by the way) as I did on the last engine. I let the the engine idle for ten minutes, then attempted to run at 1/3 rd of the throttle, but the engine ran for all of about five minutes and then shut off....I am curious if this is a symptom of fouled plugs? not sure, but after it sat for five minutes, it would run, but only for about five more minutes. I changed the plugs to a new set and it did run a little better, but eventually repeated the problems again. A couple of things about my Sea Doo, it's a 2003 GTI LE, 718 Rotax that's been converted to premix, I am wondering if there is way too much oil in my fuel from the last time I broke in an engine and it's flooding my engine with too much oil now, to the point the spark plugs are grounding out..... any Idea's? I know on new engines you need to keep the oil on the heavy side (32:1) and what I have been doing is filling up the fuel tank after running and adding the proper ratio of oil to the gallons I just added. I am pretty certain the problem lies with my fuel to oil ratio. I just wanted to ask the veteran Two Stroke owners for their opinions.
    Thanks in advance!
    Ben Smith
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    Ben, 40:1 is plenty sufficient on these skis. This is probably why you are fouling plugs. Another possibility is the RV cavity is leaking oil into the cases, thus fouling your plugs. You may have a defective rebuild. You can pressure test the RV cavity with 6 psi of pressure, it should hold overnight. If not, time for a new one.

    Good luck, and welcome to GH!


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    Cool rebuild issues

    Thanks for the reply. I removed the top end last night only to find scoring on both pistons, the shop that did the work is going to warranty the work, sucks I have to send it out yet again, but hey, at least I am learning everyday. I think the issue I am having is in my carb. the cylinders are not getting enough fuel/oil and getting too hot, too quick. I'm gonna rebuild the carb and replace the filter, along with adjusting the high speed needle for more fuel. I followed SBT's recommendation for break-in, but without enough oil getting to the cylinders, didn't help matters. I'll keep everyone posted on this, hopefully I can save someone else from the same problems.

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