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    yamaha hull section

    can a yamaha hull pump section be grafted into a fiberglass boat?
    basically will the yamaha hull material accept the bond of fiberglass and resin? I am building a small bass boat with mr-1 power and yamaha jet drive. trying to save some work of making a mold off the pump section. by attempting to glass the yamaha hull section into the boat.

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    cool sounding project, but just put two outboards on it. big ones! like V8's

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    Check out this thread:

    He's using a Seadoo pump, but it should give you some good ideas.

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    should be fine just make sure you use epoxy NOT polyester

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    Ive seen tronds build. I am using a longer hull that is already designed for some speed. I think he is having problems because he has maxed out the speed of his hull in that it is so short. Ive also noticed once it gets up to speed it looks like it is porpoising. That the bow comes up, the pump gets air, the bow drops, and the process starts all over again. In my build id like to keep the hull flat and level on plane. I know this will sacrafice some top speed because more wet area of the hull in the water. I will be mounting my engine midway in the boat to keep some weight on the bow. Sort of like how seadoo mounted the engine in the xp and hx hulls infront of the rider. hopefully this idea works out and I end up with a good handling usable boat. With some good speed just because of the horsepower numbers.
    Definately will need all the help i can get and knowledge from others.

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