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    Smile need help please 1100stx

    I have an 1100 that will start and run great for anywhere from 2 hrs to 30minutes then acts like its dragging an anchor or a overheat limiter is on.Do the 1100stx have an overheat control that limps engine mode.or do the lights just come on.Before I got ski,stator,carbs,cdi,all electrics had been changed ,to no avail.I thought I had it figured out as a plug was fouled when it was brought to me,I rode it for two hrs,never had problem, put wife on it and 30 min later its in limp mode.I thought it was oil pump fouling plugs so I went to premix,same thing after an hr or so back in limp.I have flushed ski many times, you can let it go into limp ride it back to dock,start it up next day it runs fine for maybe 30 minutes, then maybe 2 hrs ,then back to limp mode.You can even leave same plugs in it and it runs fine next time out,for up to 2 hrs then limp !!!does the overheat sensor cause the ski to go into limp mode???all other electrics check out,I am going to bypass sensor and see if that helps,any ideas gents??It is a 98stx1100 thanks oh and compression 120psi all 3 jugs>Marvin

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    I'm assuming the warning light is blinking when this is happening? How bout the pisser? it peeing alot at speed?. Your temp sensor works off the pisser temp. Also is your water box getting overly hot? It could be that you have a blockage at the gasket just aft the pisser fitting in your exhaust. There is a metal gasket there that restricts the amount of water that escapes into the water box that helps cool the exhaust system. All the water that goes into the engine must exit a small hole in this metal gasket. The other exit for cooling water is the pisser. If one or the other gets clogged then eventually it will may overheat due to restriction. A hot water box can melt your rubber fittings & or any wires laying against it. Thats what i'd check.

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