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    Iam thinking about replacing the windows in my home and Iam needing some input about brands and prices please!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oklagp1200r View Post
    Iam thinking about replacing the windows in my home and Iam needing some input about brands and prices please!
    can`t help you with prices, but Marvin, Pella, Anderson are some good quality names. you would prolly need a High Performance Low E insulated thermopane type window...

    although most double pane windows do the job well, try and read all the lierature with any selection so you don`t by snake oil, and get sold on triple pane windows if you don`t need them...

    Lowes and Home Depot and sub contractors are crap!!! they are the low scale units that they push, even though you could upgrade if you don`t like what`s in the store...

    the easiest thing to do if find a company who specializes in replacement windows and do them day in and day out for the best pricing and multi window unit discounts... good luck, really do some research and read up...
    this stuff ain`t cheap... and don`t go to cheap, bc cheap is exactly what you will get... alum cladded windows are very good as is vinyl cladded windows, just be very careful of the cheap garbage out there...
    Silverline comercial units are crap...

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    We installed Champion Windows in our home when we built it in 01'. double pane.

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    pella and anderson are great windows.

    pella is expensive but made right here in Iowa!

    i think anderson is a great quality choice for the price.

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    Def. want a Low E glass for better insulation. Stay away from a brand called ROW... They suck big time, I know I have them in my new house. We will be changing to Pella next year when I can afford to rip out the old/new windows.

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    There are a bunch of bargain brands....if installed properly they will perform to most's satisfaction.

    Marvin had some paint issues sometime back on their exterior wood. Haven't heard much from them in years....more of a midwest brand.

    Anderson is good....but they skimp on the interior trim kits....they're jamb extensions....stools ect. More work for the trim man.

    Pella is my favorite. They also sell a butyl-rubber tape to use on the exterior flange....great waterproofer.

    Biggest part of any product's performance is in the installation....I don't care what brand it is.....if it ain't installed properly...the customer will not be happy with it.

    Hire a professional.....somebody who cares how their work looks and performs....somebody who's proud to put his name on whatever he puts on the wall.

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    if your on a budget i reccomend anderson windows...if your willing to spend a few more bucks go with pella well worth it

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    Find a local contractor, I have installed the pella windows! My bud had a few left over from a job! 1500 a piece wind resistant(Hurricane proof) ya right! The roof will go before the windows ! got 3 for 400 No hardware or screens. Replaced the whole wall to fit mine! Good luck! Lee

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