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    Problem when mounting handebars

    I bought some 30 inch black star bars for my gp1200r. I sanded the left side down to use the stock trim assembly and stupidly later on i realized the ODI grips wouldn't fit over the pvc handle piece. My problem is i cut the pvc piece off completely since the grips wouldn't fit and since i sanded the bars down the grips are hard to keep on. The glue to keep them isn't holding them firmly in place snugly so I will wait for it to dry in the morning. If it still doesnt work in the morning the only thing i can think of to do it wrap the bars in electrical tape to make it thicker and try to regrip. Also i couldn't believe the grips didnt come with griplock to install them so I had to get liquid nails as a substitute so hopefully it will work. Getting stressed over this i really don't want to have to buy new bars and grips.

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    Use ODI grips they just clamp on anyway

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    ...I have ODI's. There is only about 3 inches of bar after you fit the start/stop switch on there and the trim assembly.

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    check out thids thread for more info

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    Quote Originally Posted by 00gprNC View Post
    I bought some 30 inch black star bars
    YES, we know. please see your original post or search before creating a new thread.

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