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    gp1300 hard problem cant fix myself help

    03 gp 1300 have spark in the back two cylinders but not the front, I checked the coils they are all good. Put a test light and there is pulse coming in on the back 2 coils but not the front? It is the black wire with a red stripe. I followed the wire but it goes into a mess of other wires under the dash where i think it changes color. Any help would be appriciated I'm stuck.

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    my plug wires are all red and they don't come from under the dash. they all come from the back where the electrical box is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IowanGPR View Post
    my plug wires are all red and they don't come from under the dash. they all come from the back where the electrical box is.

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    in the black box there is coils and they get a electrical pulse from the stator. 2 coils are getting a electrical pulse and the other 1 is not.

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    Does anyone know what 3 wires come out of the stator and go to the coils?

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    Anyone know where i can get a wiring diagram?

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    Those come from the ECM and your stator go to the ECM. Ihave same problem but all 3 cylinders still working on it. Sometime you will get a non-sense answers that don't help a bit that' really piss me off. You can get a electrocnic copy of manual on ebay I think to get diagram.

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    I just found that they come from the ecm and 2 of the 3 have an electrical pulse the other has nothing. Do you think it might be my ecm?

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    I'm not sure and that's where I'm stuck on mine as well. Trying to find a way to test the voltage come out of the stator they are white/red, white/yellow, white/black that go to the ECM. Do you use analog meter to check for pulse?

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    Swap the signal wires on the coils. If the other coil fires it is your coil if not it is your ecu or a broken trigger

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