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    Hose to crimp off when towing in water


    I have a 96 SLX780 and a 98 SLXH. I'm going down to Lake Powell next week and am looking for the hose to crimp off while towing it in water. I've taken some pictures of the two suspect hoses and am hoping it's one of them. Please look at them and let me know if I'm close.

    Also, I'm planning on using a clamp (one of the newer nicer ones that are wider and ratchet down). Will that work?

    Thanks in advance for all the help.


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    its the hose "A" hose in the fuji motor blue and its the "B" hose in the dometic engine red.

    its always the hose that attaches to the exhaust pipe.

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    Great. Thanks for the quick reply. What does everybody use to crimp it off (besides creating your own cut-off valve)?



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    I carry a flexible line clamp, about $5.00

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    So I will ask the obvious.... why are you clamping the hose off during towing? I have towed my ski many a nautical miles and never experienced any problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by la90043 View Post
    ... its always the hose that attaches to the exhaust pipe.
    The hose to be clamped is the water inlet hose from the jet pump.

    It is always the large 3/4" hose that connects to the pump base, down low on the right side of the intake tunnel, when looking forward from the rear of the ski.

    On some engines, an alternate clamp location is the smaller diameter water injection hose for the exhaust pipe. It connects between two nipples on the exhaust pipe itself.

    Best hose to clamp is the large hose coming from the jet pump base, since it guarantees you will not get water into the engine or hull, even if you have a leaking engine gasket or water hose.

    The reason for hose clamping is to avoid accumulation of water inside the exhaust system. If too much water gets pumped in there during the tow, it can back up into the engine itself.

    Even with the engine not running, the jet pump will develop cooling inlet water pressure during towing, if the tow speed is fast enough.

    At very slow tow speeds, and for short distances, it usually is not a problem.

    Some models are more prone to exhaust flooding than others, but most (all?) will flood the engine if the tow speeds are fast enough, for long enough.

    If you clamp the water exit hose, it will still allow water to flow into the interior of the exhaust system.

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