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    ...not the way I wanted to get there...but I'm through the door.

    full tank
    E 94
    L 86
    ripples to light chop

    71.2 @ 8100....and still wanted to go.

    Now the one thing that's messing with me....I shouldn'tve taken out that mm before my last run.

    I can't work on it here....and I want to put at least 1mm back....maybe even add this heat?!


    Big grin going on last run tonight 5 bars, I even launched it outa the water on take off....3 times before it settled down....yeah I forgot to stand on the front...but sht....couldn't believe it.

    Thanks again go out to GH, Kenshin89 and BlueThunder for helping me make this happen.

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    Good to hear its working fine for you. I was getting 72.4 with the 15/20 and42lb. injectors and the temps were in the 90's.

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    Oh yeah, it's working out great!

    It pulled straight to the top and you could feel it wanted more. Damn, I wish I hadn't taken out that mm last time out.

    I just got here but I can tell you...I'm glad of all the little things I'd done so far....makes me really appreciate the bigger sc wheel all the more.

    After I tweek my prop, I'm betting I'll be at 72+ without an external ic or bigger injectors.

    Damn....can't wait....isn't addiction fun?

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    Glad you are happy with it Dave

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    Since your so close, maybe you shoud get the nozzle with the adjustable rings? Jerry probably has one in the store that he would sell you


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    no problem man glad to see you're back on the water.

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    Not just back...better than before.

    1st kill...

    GP1300R.....twice...not even close.

    He was solo, I was riding two up and jumped outa the water on the launch, he went ahead...maybe three boat lengths.....then it was over....the ski sat down and walked by him and had him by ten boats when I let off.

    Loved it.

    Afterward he tried to tell me his boat ran 80 on glass....I told him he needs a gps.


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    good job man! It feels good when everything starts falling into place doesn't it. The heat really affects these 4 tecs but those numbers mean 73 mph on low fuel in 70 degree temps. When i was running 74 and got into in 90 air and water temps i was 3 mph slower.

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    E 92
    L 84
    2 bars

    72.3 @ 8100

    I can't wait till next time out.....

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