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    virage800I intermitten no start

    Virage 800I died on lake,after many attempts on water, restarts runs fine. back to shore next day, no start, does not sound like it even trying, turns over fine. after many attempts while trouble shooting starts up runs great. next day, no start at all, good spark, fuel pressue 22lB, plugs wet like getting fues, injector volts 23 while trying to start, battery 12.7 on display. Disconected TPS no change, drained fuel tank, fresh fuel, no change. After sever days of no start, had fuel pressure guage on it and it started after turning over longer than normal, ran fine many short restarts, thought I was done, sat overnight no start. help

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    Please clarify - when it does NOT start, you have fuel pressure, good injector voltage (with both injectors plugged in), and spark on both plugs?

    Why drain the fuel tank? Was it old fuel?

    Any service history on this machine?

    How long have you owned it?

    Has it ever run properly for you, for more than a day?

    What is the battery voltage, measured with a multi-meter, while the engine is cranking?

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    hy drain the fuel tank? Was it old fuel? suspected water or old fuel from problem with other equipment using same cans (lawn Mower)

    Any service history on this machine? Yes repaired computer last year, Short Block from water ingestion 2006, Stator rebulit 2008 after bendix came apart and took out flywheel and stator

    How long have you owned it? 2002 purchased new

    Has it ever run properly for you, for more than a day? Yes many times, but not since this problem came up

    What is the battery voltage, measured with a multi-meter, while the engine is cranking? I have not checked while running, I will tonight, what should it be?

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    in answer to first question

    Initialy it would not restart after a stall on the lake. Since then it appears to be a cold start issue as once it does start I can restart it many times, than when cold will not restart

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    further...I did not check injector voltage while plugged in, I checked at pigtail while disconnected. Fuel pressure I was checking when it started last, did seam to come up slowly to 20+psi, it started when the pressure got up, Likely 10 seconds of turning over. I will need to recheck

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    OK still frustrating - checked cranking volts runs between 10.5-11. fuel injectors while connected 19-21, started to run again sounded great, several restarts no problem, next day ready for water no start. Plugs wet when removed so getting fuel. I hooked up timing light checked both spark plug and injector wires. One symptom i am not sure is normal,the timing light gives 4-5 nice steady pulses than a gap, then 4-5 more than a gap. injector wire did the same. Spark seams very strong on both plugs except as noted above.
    checked crank sensor, temp sensor,tps all within specs

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    Try shorting across the starter solenoid terminals instead of using the start /stop button .Does it fire up then ?Check to see if the black/yellow wire is earthed whilst it won't start .
    Your lr module may be causing you issues
    I also have had this issue and it was in the stop start switch itself .You can pull it apart and see if the spring holding the bar that connects the terminals together has not corroded and broken .This allows the connector to float about
    We may be looking at stator also if this gives you no joy

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    Just tried ...shorting cross solinoid terminal turns over no start. checked yellow and black wire that goes into computer, not to ground when turning over

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    Bernie, could spark and injector pattern mentioned above indicate stator?

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    Spark is a multi fire .If you have a scope it will show up as a consistant signal across the board .If not I would remove emm and take the cover off it and see if you can see any burn marks in the Gell that is holding the electronics stable .2002 Models are hell for sharp eges on the stainless cage under the console .Other than that if you have the Polaris diag and cables it will show up as firing 2000degrees btdc .If all those are ok then its stator time


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