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    Anyone from the Upper Midwest???

    Anyone on here from the snowbelt areas?? If so, is anyone going to Haydays grass drags? I've been going every year since 1980, and as a pitman for a team for the past 5 years. For those of you that do not live in the snowbelt, HAYDAYS is the LARGEST snowmobile racing event in the WORLD. Funny thing is that there is no snow!!!! Check out the link and see what I mean. If your going to be in the area, drop me a note. May be able to have a beer after the races on Saturday and Sunday...

    I guess that MudBug would be the PWC version of Haydays.

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    Yea maybe coming up from Milwaukee if I can get my dad to go with me. I haven't been there before but from what i have heard it is probably a lot bigger than mudbug, maybe like world finals

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